Pranayama the art of breath control


Pranayama means breath control. It is one of the vital yogic techniques of purifying the body, mind and sprit. Yoga can not be possible without Pranayama. In modern days the kind of adaptation that Yoga has been put through is more of the aesthetic side of yoga for good looks, vibrant health but do we realize that most of the yoga techniques fail as the practitioners tend toward the mundane aspect of yoga as a tool to retain eternal youth.
Without realizing the spiritual aspect of yoga it is not possible to realize the true potentials of yoga. Purification of mind is perhaps the first and foremost step toward any form of yoga and meditation. The Buddha never said anything about God, soul and rituals; he let his disciples realize their true sprit. Without realizing the self one can not realize God, hence as we go through understanding our inner God we can know if God exists.
From thousands of years ago yoga has been a part of every yogic life. Yogis believe that yoga has so much power that its true power can do miracles. It is not the objective of power-realization took the yogis practice yoga but the objective of God-realization or self- realization made them discover the great art and science of yoga. Purification of mind can only be possible when the purification breath is possible. It is not only a belief but also a scientific truth that different states of our mind are a result of the different pattern of our breathing process.
Prana (life) yama (extension) is the force which extends our life, when we fill our life with the force of prana (vayu or oxygen) we feel lively. Can we think about life without oxygen? Through various yogic techniques we can extend our life force by drawing oxygen to the apana (areas of the body) which gets less prana.
In our later chapters we will discuss more about different yogic techniques ………..
Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

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