Prasoon Joshi and Aamir Khan about Sunny Leone

In a recent interview when Sunny was asked if she would work with Aamir Khan, Sunny replied, she does not think Aamir would work with her.

This went viral and Aamir in a press conference when asked about if he would mind working with Sunny Leone, Aamir promptly said he would never mind doing a movie with her but he does not know if he would work with him or not, Aamir also added that he has no issues with her past or her profession. Sunny Leone was a porn star before becoming a Bollywood sensation, so most of the time she becomes a victim for her past by reports and media persons who always ask about her past etc.







Soon Prasoon Joshi took the mike and affirmatively said that he has no issues with her as a person but he strongly objected about her profession. He added we can not say that oh that’s her profession, one should not be blamed for that, If that was the case we would say sometime that someone is a drug peddler and that his/her profession, he should not be blamed for the same.


Prasoon further said if someone’s profession or business is not good and instead of doing good to the society does bad and spread vice then that profession or business should not be treated as constructive towards our society.In a very strainght forward manner he said, He has no respect for Sunny Leone’s business.


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