Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide under influence of alcohol

Pratyusha Banerjee hanged herself on April 1 and her death remained a mystery. Rahul Raj Singh was blamed for her death; he was arrested by police for abetment to Pratyusha’s suicide charges. Later Rahul was admitted to a hospital to treat his severe mental stress and depression. In between it was revealed that Pratyusha was few months pregnant and she aborted the baby while Rahul denied that she cannot be pregnant.

Now after one month the forensic reports revealed that on that night Pratyusha was under the influence of alcohol and she had consumed above average amount of alcohol. As per reports 135mg of alcohol traces were found in her blood.


As per Pratyusha’s close friends she was going through a disturbed and abusive relationship. She completely broke down when she knew about Rahul’s on and off relationship with his ex.

Now the question still lies in her mysterious death. Was she able to hang herself under such a high alcohol influence?

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