Premature Ejaculation associated with watching porn

Watching porn is now associated with premature ejaculation. As per a survey conducted it is noticed that younger people have been complaining of premature ejaculation. Excessive porn viewing does create negative sexual urges, feeling of lower sexual ability and perverted thinking. 

The main two reasons of PE (Premature ejaculation) in young people are their youth and porn. Younger people have a very excitable nervous system and very often they ejaculate due to nervousness while porn pushes them to do sex like porn stars and they forget that porn stars do it for longer as this is their profession and they do take medicines to keep their erection longer. Another reason is about feeling insufficient due to not having a size like a porn star. This is mainly seen in males while females who watch more porn fantasize about larger penis size which most of the time may demoralize their sexual partners hence resulting in them PE. One should not forget that good sex starts from the mind and more than 90% of people are average in size.

Years ago older people would complain about PE and erectile dysfunction due to various health ailments such as High or low blood pressure, Diabetics, increase in cholesterol. These are some of the common problems that cause PE and erectile dysfunction. 

Most of the PE problems can be solved with easy techniques, out of which the best solution is to stop watching porn continuously and then see the change in your sexual performance. As PE in younger people is more psychological, strengthen the health of your mind and you will see your PE getting vanished.


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