Prime Minister Manmohan singh’s confession

As the year ended with a couple of corruption cases, scams, financial frauds govt in power has been under tremendous pressure from the opposition, media, companies and eventually the whole country is eager to know the truth behind politics and its power. Prime minister expressed his inability to take decisions regarding to the selection of ministers for different portfolios. Saying Maran and Raja had been DMK's choice he expressed his coalition party's inability and helplessness. Anyway we know what the powerful men with political power can do as we know that this is a country of poor as the riches and resources have been looted from the country and sent back to different Tax-heavens. If A. Raja is a scamster worth 3000 crore then his gurus in this trade of politics may be 100 time more rich.

Corruption is just a way to become rich and the rich is powerful. Money runs politics and power corrupts. 50 crore people of what we say below the line of poverty will always remain poor and out of the remaining 90% will find them in the category of middle-class while only the handful of people who knows how to plunder the country, its natural resources and its poor people remain in power forever.

Media will play a level-playing role in bringing issues to public and the media being the voice of the general masses should always be by the side of the weaker section of the Nation.

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