Priyanka Chopra Horoscope

Many congrats to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas for getting engaged. As I predicted about her marriage in the below article during April 2017, Things really happened as per destiny, Here is the below analysis

Today I would like to make an analysis of her chart as per KP methods,

A famous actor or actress must have Venus, mercury and moon well connected in her horoscope. Priyanka’s destiny revolves around glamour as her ascendant sub lord is Venus, so Venus as the natural karaka of entertainment, she got into this industry. Ascd house lord is also Venus. It in influences both 1st and 2nd house. Moon is right in Ascendant perfect for an actor who must do distinct roles with ease.

Venus is connected to 1st house, 6th, 11th and 12th house. Hence it tells about her gains and expenses from Entertainment industry. It also shows expenses due to Venus.


Venus is connected to 5,7,12th through mars while 7th and 12th are more prominent. As venus is a natural karaka of romance and marriage and is connected to 5,7,12 through mars, it will ensure love turning into marriage with someone who is not from her country, religion ( 12th).  Venus is connected with mercury being in the house mercury and feebly connected degreewise.

Moon is connected to Venus again through it’ sub lord ketu while rahu, 10th sub lord is connected with mercury and Venus.7th sublord is venus signifiying mars so connected to 5,7 good for marriage while 12 is separation. Mars as a planet of separation signifying marriage and separation both. 7th cusp sublord being in the sign of mercury and in the same house may also promise more than one marriage. Other factors have to be looked before giving final say on this.

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