Priyanka chopra Marriage prediction

From her D-1 there is no delay and difficulty in marriage. 7th house Jupiter generally means a happy married life and early marriage but placed in Libra (enemy sign of Jupiter) lost some strength. 7th lord Venus in mercury’s sign with Rahu and mercury shall be conducive to marriage, but D-9 or Navamsha tells a different story.

7th lord of D-9 mars is placed in 12th house of lose, detachment, foreign connection in Virgo (enemy sign of the 7th lord) while aspected by Rahu (separation) and Saturn (Delay).

Best part is that she is going through Jupiter Dasha and from 12-7-1018 till 10-3-2021 she will be under the sub period of venues (7th lord of D-1). She should ideally get married during this period.


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