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Priyanka Chopra has Aries Lagna. People with Aries ascendant are bold, energetic, and entrepreneurial. Priyanka possesses these qualities. Moon is in her 2nd house which falls in Taurus. Moon is exalted in her chart giving her strong emotions, a capable mind and a great ability to connect with masses.




Venus. Mercury and Rahu are together in Gemini in the 3rd house. Mercury is in its own sign with Venus and Rahu foster creativity, artistic talents and a strong ability in communication. Priyanka has an uncanny acting talent as well as talent of writing. Note that 3rd house symbolizes performance art, intelligence, communication as well as siblings. Priynaka’s cousins are celebrities and well known in film industry. These above mentioned planet in  4th house SUN is situated in Cancer, a friendly sign for SUN. This tells about a strong and supportive mother who always helped her daughter Priyanka in achieving her goals at the cost of sacrificing her own interests and goals.

6th house has Mars and Saturn. Mars owns the first and 7th house while Saturn owns 10th and 11th house. Both are placed in 6th house which indicates her discipline towards work, health and gaining reputation, money from her disciplines. To simplify she is serious about her health, to keep up a health she must have been engaged in some form of exercise or work-out. Mars in the 6th house must have given her an interest towards sports, martial art, and strenuous physical work-out and as Saturn is associated she has been engaged into it very religiously. Saturn here injected discipline into her lifestyle.


Mars also holds the lordship of 7th house and placed in Virgo, an enemy sign of Mars with Saturn, another enemy of Mars. It tells about conflict in relationship or business partnership. It may be possible that relationships especially marital or business may not be very pleasant. Note that Mars is also the atma Karaka or the soul significator in her horoscope. That is why she must have been an innate desire to take up Martian role in real life as well as reel life. You can relate her awestruck performance in Mary KOM where she played a female protagonist.

Jupiter is in the 7th house, in an enemy sign Libra. 7th house Jupiter always promise early marriage if other factors support in the horoscope. Jupiter in an enemy sign Libra is not a very comfortable position of Jupiter.

She has ketu in 9th house where ketu is its fall in Sagittarius which tells about her inclination to know foreign culture, other religions as well foreigners.

Priyanka Chopra’s Marriage prediction

Upapada Lagna has moon in Taurus. Moon’s exaltation tells about a very caring future spouse. Her partner may come from a well-off family, very popular among people and attractive in looks. UL lord is in 3rd house from Ascendant and conjoins Rahu and Mercury, It does tell about her spouse may have many siblings, cousins and relatives. As the UL is 3rd from Lagna, it may indicate the spouse may hail from a business family or an entrepreneur or a media personality or Journalist or from a film industry which is related to performance art.

2nd from Upapada Lagna has malefic Rahu with aspects from Ketu, Mars and Saturn is surely undesirable for the longevity of the Marriage. Somehow the malefic effects are neutralized by the UL lord’s position in 2nd from it.

In Navamsa venus is positioned in its own sign Libra is a slight relief while the 7th lord of Navamsa is 12th from Lagna and venus is not a good sign.

Overall I see mixed results to be concluded after marriage. To ward off the problems after marriage she should do fasting on every Friday as a remedial measure

Arudha Lagna and Hora Lagna fall in Aquarius. From Arudha Lagna Moon falls in 4th house. During the period and sub periods of moon she might have changed home, might have separated from her mother or hometown.  Exalted moon in the 4th from Arudha Lagna might have created situations for a change in home, comforts of home and luxuries of life. The change is positive as it might have bestowed her with a luxurious home, happiness and luxury of expensive vehicles.

5th house from AL has Venus, mercury and Rahu. These planets will provide good luck and prosperity during their Dasa and sub dasa periods. Venus and mercury along with Rahu may also help her if she tries to project herself as a leader, a minister or a brand ambassador.

Sun in 6th from AL forms a Raj yoga. Saturn and Mars 8th from Arudha Lagna give a hint of her being perceived as a person who has an ability to transform herself when required and a person who is very conscious of her health. Note that it may be just a perception for the world and actuality may be something else.

9th from Arudha Lagna has Jupiter which gives rise to a Raj Yoga.

11the from Audha Lagna has ketu in its fall. During ketu Dasha or Antar Dasha she will be hugely benefited from people from different countries or cultures. There will be great material prospect during that period. Mars and Saturn have Rashi aspect on 11th from AL and there is a friendly and netrual relationship between Jupiter and Mars and Saturn respectively. She will be benefited from sale and purchase of property, home and servants. Venus, mercury and Rahu also have aspect to 11th from AL. Even though the sambandh between Jupiter to venus and Mercury and even Rahu is inimical she benefited the most from these planets.


Varnada Lagna is Pisces and its lord is placed in 6th house from Lagna and 8th from Arudha Lagna. 12th from Arudha Lagna is Capricorn. It has the aspect of exalted moon. She will incur huge expenses due to motherly figures, due to strong emotion for feminine causes, due to constant travelling and due to common people.

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Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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