Professions of Venus

Venus is a planet of beauty, luxury and all worldly comforts. Venus is also the planet of love, romance, marriage and harmony. In Vedic astrology Venus represents wife for a male. It is also a planet of sense indulgence, lethargy.  It rules Taurus, an earth sign and Libra, an airy sign. Venus is a planet of art and craft, creativity.
It represents ladies garment, toys, design, modelling, things of art and craft, music, cinema, modelling, flesh trade, antiques, toiletries, ornaments, luxury items, cosmetics, trendy cloths, luxury items.
In corporate it represents managers, executives in support or communication, people in recreation profession.
It also represents vehicles, conveyance, transport, communication, chemicals and distilleries, glass industry.
Venus also represents fancy items, beauty parlors, spa centers, 
In commodities it represents,
1. Sugar
2. Rice
3. Cotton
4. Jute
5. Silk
6. Silver
7. Pearl
8. Copper
9. Spices
10. Confectionery
11. Jewellery
12. Musical instruments

Venus also rules restaurants and hotels that we consider as luxury. Professions like photography and painting also fall under the domain of Venus. television, refrigerator, air-conditioner and decorative items are also represented by Venus as these are sources of entertainment or luxury.


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