Profit Cabinet scam

Profit cabinet which started a month back as an advertisement based revenue share company with a MLM plan scammed its members and ran away with their money. It is estimated that it had approximately scammed money worth $200000 to $500000.

Sarah Anderson who claimed to be the owner/admin of profitcabinet had a FB account which seemed absolutely a fake ID, so it is very difficult to say who the people behind this scam venture were.

As revenue share company it promised its members to pay 40% daily on the money. Mostly fast revshares fail in a short span of time. So while you want to put your money in fast revshare please weigh pros and cons of it. After all it's hard earned money.

Most MLMs are Ponzi because ultimately the downline chain weakens as less number of people joins it, as it's all about money rotation, once it stops, the company collapses. So be careful while taking a risk. 


By : Admin| Company Name : Profit Cabinet| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : November 17,2016

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