Psychic dreams about our future world

It is very sad that our world is growing into a hell where there is no respect for love, trust, compassion, wisdom and quest for spiritual knowledge. Most of us look for quick money, quick success through mind games, quick pleasure and everything as quick as possible, as a result we are heading towards a world where men and women will become machines, and they will work like machines with fixed inputs and fixed outputs.

People will start looking at what they can quickly get, love as an emotion may become scarce while negative emotions among people will grow, men may looks at women as sexual objects while women may look at men the same way.

There would not be any trust between parents andtheir children, men and their women and everyone will just look for money, power and carnal satisfaction, as this grows wild the world will encounter natural disasters more often and as a result most of us will meet our end.

When belief, respect and love towards GOD vanish, our Universe will see its end. It’s a drastically changing world that only looks for material pleasure, don’t forget that all the wealth of the world remains with handful people while the rest of all are ignorant, wealthiest people know the power of their mind and they know how to hoard wealth, so they know how to rule the world.

A time may come when most of common people may die due to hunger and diseases. Sometimes speed of wind will become a cause of destruction while sometimes the water and sometimes The Sun. Even the earth will no spare us.

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : May 15,2016

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