Pursuit of happiness

Happiness is qualitative as it comes from within us. Happiness is the way we look at life. We know what keeps us happy and what could keep us sad. Happiness and sadness alternate as our emotions fluctuate. Happiness has no limits, no bounds, springs from peace and dies in oblivion.

What we do in life is just to chase happiness. Money always seems as the powerful factor to happiness but its true only to some extent and what is true is what our hearts know. People turn good to other and behave peacefully with others in order to maintain cordiality, peace and eventually it makes them happy. We constantly get impressed by good surroundings, good people and environment and feel inner calm and peace just to gather all little moments of happiness
Right now I am writing this article on happiness just to make me happy and I realize that happiness comes from inner calm and peace of mind. By writing perhaps I express my self and I feel special, that's my happiness. Your happiness may differ from mine but the ultimate source of happiness comes from inner satisfaction, peace and harmony.

Do we realize that people who spread violence and indulge in crime, inflict pain to others are also concerned about happiness and satisfaction. By causing pain to others they cause happiness to them and those who feel happy seeing others happy are perhaps the happiest in the world.

The nature of happiness differs and its elemental causes differ from person to person. It is for happiness we live, for love we sacrifice, for true love me martyr. Purity of mind is happiness and innocence of heart is happiness, devotion to God is happiness, true love leads to happiness, beauty with goodness is happiness. When ignorance goes away happiness comes, when selfishness goes away inner peace comes in and leads to happiness, when ego dies pure bliss is experienced and a human transcends into a super human, when a person lacks in all the negative nature of human nature he then becomes unfit for the usual affairs of the world but fits into the highest spiritual state.

Balance in life is happiness while this balance and harmony can only come when we are developed from all sides of life: Psychological growth in happiness of all individuals in a society leads to social and environmental happiness.
Let's chase happiness in our inner world, as we reach a happy state in our inner world we will notice how our outer world changes quickly.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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