Quit smoking with the help of self talk


Quit smoking with the help of self talk

While I was writing my thoughts on self-talk and auto-suggestion, I thought of implementing these self help techniques for the removal of some self deteriorating and life-threatening habits which take millions of lives every year. Smoking as a habit is a serious matter of concern for the society which includes both smokers and nonsmokers. Undoubtedly this pleasure seeking habit has turned into a disease and it has taken a major chunk of the global population under its influence by turning into a hysterical epidemic, which puts lives at stake by reducing life expectancy. The sad part of the story is though most of the urban smokers are well-educated, intelligent and aware of the harmful effects of smoking then why they put their lives at risk by converting this habit into a necessity of life?

The most common smoking related diseases





Other smoking related side effects

Delayed pregnancy in women

Reduces the success rate of fertility

Causes Lower sperm count and impotency in men

Low birth weight ,unhealthy babies

Risk of Miscarriages and pregnancy complications is higher in women who smoke heavily.

Some idiotic myths about smoking

Smoking reduces stress and strain of mind, energizes the body and lifts up the sprit.

Actually nicotine present in tobacco definitely stimulate the brains and to some extent

keeps the brains active but it creates addictiveness toward the substance which makes you

carve for more and in the process one inhales more carbon monoxide which is highly

dangerous for the lungs.

How can one go on reducing his stress by lighting up a cigarette every time he feels unenergized, he may make his brain cells agile for a fractional period of time but he has no conscious idea that he is craving for more and getting addicted and at the same time one should also remember that by hanging on to smoking habit he keeps on reducing his life

expectancy too Smoking is a style symbol is a commonest myth among most of the starters. Most of the teenagers think smoking is cool and adds style attributes to a person. Most of the young males think they can impress girls with their so-called tough cowboy or Marlboro-man style attitudes with a cigarette between their fingers and clouds of smoke they curl in the air with manhood pride but sadly they ignore the harmful effects of smoking on their life as well as lives around them as passive smoking kills thousands of people every year. Their mere presence gives a distinctive smell of cigarette around the place where they work or stay. Their breaths stink all the time and everything including their clothes absorbs the awful smell of tobacco smoke.

Most of smokers think they will quit smoking one day and that day never comes. They think they can leave smoking anytime they would like and never hesitate to promise to quit smoking to friends or family and also they do not hesitate to break their promises. There is a range of quit smoking programs available around us but they can only be effective when one keeps up his faith in himself through self talk and positive affirmation about giving up smoking.

Some general tips of self talk for smokers

1. Spend your time with non-smokers and with people who were smokers earlier and have completely given up smoking. Most of us say that it is impossible to give us smoking once addicted but it’s not true. Yes I believe it’s difficult to give up any addiction all on a sudden but it is possible. What is needed is the will power. Do a mental exercise for self motivation. Collect inspiring stories of people who were active smokers in the past but are free from the smoking habit in the present and you will really feel inspired from their success stories, which is a confidence-building measure toward saying no to smoking and eventually you may help others in their quit-smoking goal.

2. Do not stay with your smoker friends or colleagues while they smoke by taking an excuse which will help your stay focused about your goal of giving up smoking. Actually when you stay with smokers while they smoke the mere burning smell of tobacco may create desires in you mind and you may not control your desires to take a few puffs as you are in a very initial stage of getting rid of smoking.

3. Wash all the impressions about smoking tobacco that you have accumulated in your subconscious mind throughout a period of time. Do take your own time but do not delay.

4. Read as many news articles related to the smoking deaths, bad effects of smoking and how hazardous it is for the society.

5. Think a while about how emotionally and psychologically you and your family will suffer if you unfortunately discover a smoking related ailment in you. Keep it in your mind that all lives including yours are precious and god-gifted and you have no right to put your or others life at stake.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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