Raavan Mani Ratnamís maverick creation


Mani Ratnam knows the art of cinematic presentation, he know how to weave a spell among the audience. His camera work makes the characters speak. So he is rightly considered as the master of cinematic moments. Raavan is said to be the best of Mani Ratnam, in this movie he beautifully co-related the 10-headed demon Raavan who created an epic in our mythology with the facets of an individual.
Mani Ratnam who started making films in the mid-1980’s is an ideologist by nature and he is always interested in the issues of society and politics, undoubtedly he sees these issues from a different angle and may be from a different prospective, the best thing about him is the way he enlivens each characters and project them on the screen.
Though we know that every film that we watch is collective work we only see and judge the characters portrayed before us but do we know how difficult it is to combine each sequence frame by frame to come with an excellent output. Mani Ratnam believes in the characters that look real to the audience unlike the flamboyant, larger then life fictional characters.
Vikram, a huge name in Tamil films is playing the upright cop. Vikram, at 44, wanted to reach a wider audience through Hindi films; I think most of us came to know him from his film “Aparichit” though he had several tamil hits to his credit. Ravaan tells the story of a forest brigand who kindnaps the cop’s wife, he then falls in love with his hostage.
Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 20,2011

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