Rachel Hills new book “sexual myths”

Rachel Hills new book “sexual myths” is an attempt to sell the idea that women of millennial generation should be empowered with sexual freedom.

Her best seller “Sexual myth” challenges the age-old taboo, sex and various myths surrounding it. As per the book people have been left with wide array of options while exercising their rights as sexual beings.

Often sex has been closely guarded as a taboo where people do not talk it in public, prefer to talk with those whom they feel like-minded, do it secretly when the relationship is not socially acceptable while don’t mind to give up their entire moral barrier when given a chance. But when it comes to the basic human need most of the world knows that procreation is notpossible without it while nothing is as energetic as a recreation as sex provides, still the world lives with confused or stigmatic beliefs.

From long women’s orgasm, their sexual fantasies and desires, their expectations from men have been ignored while with the rise of women empowerment women have wider choices of what sexual content to watch, whom to kiss, with whom to have sex. Now the question is with the sexual freedom did the world transform for better or worse?

But sexual freedom somehow made us more oriented towards the physical side of love rather than emotional or spiritual side of it. With freedom come endless desires. Desires do not follow rules; one would not be content when such a freedom is promoted, there may be a greater risk of the world turning into adulterous.


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