Radyance Skin Whitening Serum

You may have heard of a beauty product called Radyance Skin Whitening Serum which claims that it is a breakthrough product in brightening skin within 14 days of use. They show some of the pictures of women who used it and their skin color dramatically changed.

They sell it with a price of 4400 Rupees but after discount it was sold at 1600 INR. Now they are selling it with a cost of 888 INR.

Pictures posted on their website http://www.consumersguide.in/cc_illuminating_review.htm# shows some fake testimonials where some of the girls confess that their skin color dramatically changed.

This company claims that they are an US based company with a support mail ID

Their Mail Id: support@radyance.com

And a toll free number: +13102725089

When you try this number it will say you cannot make outgoing calls from this number.

2ndly when you write to their support mail Id you get response from their customer care executives as the image attached below.

With further investigation I came to know that it is manufactured by Indus cosmeceuticals.

79, Industrial Area, Shoghi -173219

Shimla (HP) India

MFd License no - ML -HIM/COS/2002/10

Hence in no way they get imported products from USA. They have arranged some US calling numbers from where youreceive an auto call once you register yourself for buying while all mail communications are done by some Indian executive.

This product is not FDA certified, All USA made products should be FDA certified. Radyance is a total scam product and targeted mostly towards bigger cities where people won’t mind spending few thousand rupees towards skin care.

Now I recently ordered the product when I saw there advertisement on some reputed website. It seemed like a breakthrough, they charged me 1600 for Radyance Skin Whitening Serum while after a day I got another call from the US number to buy their Day elixir, another product which has to be used for best results. So that day Elixir did cost me another 1100, so I wasted almost 3k and got scammed.


I wrote a mail to them saying I am not satisfied with their product as I have started to have skin problem by using it.  They said different people have different type of Skin type and They wanted me to continue longer for better results, below is their mail communication.

If anyone like me has got scammed by them write your reviews so that consumers can be aware of this scam, they must have made huge money by selling a scam product but no more scam by them should take place and no one should further become a victim.

You can lodge a complaint with the economic wing of CBI as well as you can also file a case with the consumer court so that they can be caught.

You can find their paid reviews on youtube where beautiful girls promote it but you should not go by what they have reviewed.

 Reviewed By Swathi ( User of the product)





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