Ragini MMS2 Movie Review|Ragini MMS2 Film Review

Sunny Leone, a porn star turned Bollywood actress made her debut in Jism-2, a sensual thriller with Randeep hooda as her co-star. Her love for Bollywood showered her with a new offer as a lead in "Ragini MMS-2" an ekta kapoor film.

Those who have watched this movie can say without doubt that she impressed the audience as well as the box office with her acting skillset. Say it her sensual semi-nude scenes, her lip-locking shower scenes or her ghostly roars in the last 15 mins before the movie ends.

Story line : It is not an impressive storyline to be honest. They picked a ghost story from a century old haunted mansion where ghost incidents have been reported. It could have been more thrilling if they have picked a different story that had happened as more thrilling,unexpectedly Voilent.

Rocks -a film director wants to make a movie out of the Ragini MMS incident and she hires sunny a porn star for the lead role. Sunny went to see Ragini in a mental asylum and from there the story unfolds in different direction.

Besides the last 15 minitues rest of the movie is slow and boring.

USP of a Ghost Thriller : It must send shivers down the spine. If it does not then it trades on promotions only.

Ekta Kapoor very cleverly mixed 2 beutiful songs, "Baby Doll" and "char bottle vodka" in the movie to promote it powerfully and the objective of getting a good hype before the movie gets out for audience  has succesfully accomplished.

Box office collection of 39 Cr is really impressive for a low budget movie like RaginiMMS-2. EKTA knows how to make money from a ordinary storyline.

Review Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : April 04,2014

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