Rahul Gandhi comes to lime light once again for sleeping in Parliament

During a debate in parliament for a recent attack on Dalits in Una, Gujarat Rahul Gandhi was seen with his head lowered and his arm on head, His sleeping Buddha posture caught the eyes of the Camera as well as the entire nation.

It was later clarified that he might be looking downwards onto his cell phone message, while some said its confirmed case of a summer nap.

It was also alleged that Rahul had done that in Parliament in 2014, he was found taking naps during some debate of inflation and rise in price of essentials commodities.

columnist Tehseen Poonawalla commented saying He was having a Zen moment while Renukha Chowdhury, Congress MP said it was very hot and humid outside while the inside of parliament has Air-conditioning, Hence Rahul just closed his eyes to relax, she challenged that he was not sleeping.

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