Rahul Gandhi Horoscope| 2019 Elections

Rahul Gandhi ji, the most important face of congress party holds the highest position in Indian national congress preceded by his mother Sonia Gandhi Ji. So, he is a very important person in India with a lot of political power as well as fame. Now let’s come to his horoscope as per astro.com he was born in June 19th, 1970, 2.28 Pm in New Delhi. This data has AA rating so the accuracy of this can be believed.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra is the 3rd and 6th lord.  9th lord in 8th house hemmed between malefic planets like Saturn, mars and sun may be a reason of early demise of his father former Prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi Ji. 

Lagna lord and 8th lord Venus placed in 10th house and in moon sign. This signify a person whose karma or professional calling is towards serving the general masses by emotionally getting connected to the masses. Again the 10th lord and 10th house is hemmed between malefic planets such as mars sun and ketu.

Another very important aspect of his horoscope is about the debilitated 4th and 5th lord Saturn placed in 7th house.  His education might not be very conventional like mine or yours. As per sources he might be home schooled due to circumstances and also the 5th house things can be guessed.

10th lord moon is placed in the 3rd house in Sagittarius, all through his life he will be engaged in communication as a very important part of his profession as well as he will be covered by media and will be a man who will generate lot of news for domestic media.

7th house has debilitated Saturn which has caused delay in marriage but no denied. 

He is going through Mars Dasha and from 2019 he will be under the Rahu Dasha.


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