Rahul Gandhi Horoscope by Date of Birth

Rahul Gandhi was born under Capricorn ascendant and the lagna lord Saturn is in the 4th house. 4th house represents inner happiness; it also represents comforts of home, mother, luxurious vehicles and real estate.

Saturn is posited there in 4th house being the 1st and 2nd lord aspected by 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter. This Saturn is in in Arudha Lagna which signified the image of person in the world around him. As Saturn is a malefic planet and is placed in the Arudha Lagna this somehow taints the image of person.

2nd house is occupied by Rahu; Rahu in the 2nd house disturbs family life. Rahu being a planet of separation most likely creates problem in getting settled in family life. In his case Rahu is in its own house that means it denotes a person who belongs to a very powerful family lineage. Rahu is the main Karaka Planet of Politics and Film industry.

In 2nd house it denotes a person who belongs to a family of politicians, as Rahu is very powerful here in the 2nd house it indicated born in a family of top politicians.

His Lagna lord and 2nd lord Saturn is in 4th house in an enemy sign Aries but being the Lagna lord Saturn is the most auspicious planet in his horoscope and placed in 4th house of happiness, conveyance and home has given him palatial house, luxury vehicles but as Saturn is a malefic planet the inner happiness must have been impacted. His 5th house has mercury and mercury being in 5th house makes one very intelligent but at the same time make the mind wavering. Mercury is the 6th and 9th lord and is placed in 5th house in a friendly sign is good for politics as a career. Sun and Mars in 6th house mean having powerful opponents or critics; generally malefic planets in 6th house are not so bad. With progress in age he will overcome his opponents.

Mars, lord of 4th and 11th placed in 6th may create trouble attaining inner happiness as well as from his network of friends or party workers. It can also indicate trouble to his mother and elderly brothers or sisters. Venus, the lord of 5th and 10th house is placed in 7th house (which is 10th from 10th) actually is a great sign to succeed in career in the middle age. Here that Venus is in enemy sign which means the effects will little diminish. Venus as a planet of luxury and Royalty will confer him great luck in film industry, media, TV and Politics etc. Venus is also the karaka of marriage in his chart as it is placed in 7th house and its depositor is debilitated that is why his marriage is getting delayed. His Upapada Lagna has Ketu and Saturn’s sign aspect on it signifies delay and difficulty in getting married. 2nd from UL has aspect of Mars and Sun, out of which Sun does not harm the longevity of marriage once he gets married while mars may create tension in married life as well as being a planet of separation it may harm the longevity of marriage.

12th lord and 3rd lord Jupiter is placed in Libra indicates foreign connections, he may have lots of influential people from foreign countries professionally connected. He will also gain through foreign land and businesses from abroad.

11th from Arudha lagna has Rahu and influence of Saturn Venus and Jupiter on it, both malefic and benefic planets aspect the 11th of AL, aspect or placement of malefics like Rahu and Saturn means money through objectionable or questionable sources while benefic Venus and Jupiter indicate gain from politics, women etc. Here Rahu and Saturn and Venus are friendlier to the sign Aquarius, hence his gains will more through people of high position, common masses, through sorrow of others and through women.


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