Rahul Gandhi horoscope: Will he become prime minister in 2019?

 Rahul Gandhi horoscope: Will he become prime minister in 2019?

He was born in 19th June 1970 and as per astrosage.com his time of birth is 2.51 PM. There are two birth times given on internet, one in astro.com which says 2.28 PM and it has Rodden rating AA.

As per time of birth 2.51 PM his Lagna sub lord is mercury and Lagna lord is Venus. Mercury is placed in 8th house while Venus is in 9th house. Mercury signifies 2, 8,10,9,12 while Venus signifies 7,9,4,5,1,8. Lagna is moderate or weak in strength as there are 8,12,5th,4th and 9th houses are connected to Lagna.

With this Lagna it may be difficult to reach a position of prime minister. Rahu Dasha will begin from 2019 and Rahu is moderate in strength, Rahu is placed in 4th house and signify’s 2,8,10,9,12,4,5,7. So the strength of Rahu is moderate as it has connection to 4,8,12,5. Rahu Dasha in terms of other things like strong gain from partner’s, foreign land or foreigner’s will be there. But as per my analysis winning election in 2019 and to become Prime minister is doubtful.

As per Rahul Gandhi’s marriage goes there is nothing in his horoscope that denies marriage. Indeed during his Venus Dasha which stayed till 1995 was strong for marriage and relationships while His current Dasha is also conducive for marriage.

As per his birth time of 2.51 PM there is no obstacle in connection to marriage as per his horoscope.

Let’s take 2.28 PM as his birth and Rahu is SL of Lagna and is connected to weak houses, So as per this Lagna is very weak.

Conclusion : It's not easy to Predict win/lose in 2019 general Election without analysing our current Prime Minister's horoscope and compare with Rahul Gandhi's. Unfortunately Mr.Modi's accurate time of bith detail is not available hence it's difficult to make a comparative analysis

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