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Legendary Raj Kumar was born in Oct 9 1927 Loralai, Pakistan. His contribution to Hindi cinema was massive. Known for his unique style, voice and dressing sense and dialogue delivery Raj Kumar made a unique space for him in the Hindi film industry.

 His family shifted from Pakistan and he started working as a police sub-inspector in Mumbai. He had no interest in cinema and he seldom would watch films. His entrance into hindi cinema was just by chance. One of his acquaintances talked about him to a known person who was connected to the film industry. When he met Raj Kumar and talked to him, he was very impressed by Raj Kumar’s style, the way he talked and carried himself. From their journey into the film industry started.

His debut movie was Rangeeli ( 1952) and from 1952 till 1995 Raaj Kumar worked in several movies. 

Now looking at his horoscope His Lagna was Leo with Venus placed there in. Venus is 3rd and 10th lord and it’s placement in the lagna gave him a charming face, unique appearance and an artistic demeanor. Mostly Placement of venus in lagna makes one successful in entertainment world. Here this venus is the 3rd lord of communication and 10th lord of profession. He rightly had chosen the film industry as an entertainer. It was a good decision to move from a cop to a film hero.

Lagna lord Sun is in the 2nd house with 4th and 9th lord Mars created wealth yoga in his horoscope and at the same time it gave a very unique voice, Sun and mars are both fiery planets and in the 2nd house of speech it gave him a fiery voice with unique dialogue delivery abilities.

His 3rd house mercury gave him superb ability to communicate while 10th house Rahu gave name and fame in his profession.

His horoscope had many Rajyogas, Dhanyogas and yogas of fame and prosperity, hence he became a famous personality and even after his death he has become immortal.
His date of birth, time and place was taken from Internet.


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