Raman Raghav 2.0 Anurag Kashyap’s depiction of real life evil through reels

Raman Raghav known as Psycho Raman was a dreaded serial killer during mid-1960s, he was considered as the worst serial killers in India, he killed more than 41 people as per his confession but the figure may be much more than that.

He used to kill people during night with a blunt object, He was ultimately caught and the court announced lifetime imprisonment on the ground that he is incurably mentally ill. He was not literate and there was no proof of any such history of psychosis in his family. It was later proved that he suffered from Chronic paranoid schizophrenia from a long time hence he was not able to understand if the crimes he was committing were lawful or unlawful.

Image : Real pic of Raman Raghav, Image credit : BBC

There are several such Raman Raghavs roam free in our society without our knowledge. As per a crime statistics data in 2014, 33,981 murders were reported in India where state-wise Uttar Pradesh (12,287), Bihar (5,743), Madhya Pradesh (3,753), Maharashtra (3,338) and Andhra (2841) contributed to the total number of murders. Though there’s not more decline in the crime statistics year-on-year unreported cases are still not known.

There are cases of serial killers who got fame for their brutality. One among these isabout the horrific tale of 35 cab drivers from Bahraich led by two men called Salim and Ali Ahmad killed 250 people over 5 years, passengers had been robbed, killed and dumped by these gang members at the outskirts of the city.


There are other such serial killing cases such as Nithari Kand, Stoneman, Beer man,Auto Shankar and Charles Shobraj.  In a normally operated society when something abnormal or heinous happens, all eyes look up to such incidents and try to know the motive behind such crime cases.

Anurag Kashyap’s Raman Raghav 2.0 has Ramanna (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) as Raman Raghav who acted to his perfection to justify a serial killer who has no scare to kill people brutally with a rod- blunt object. He founds a partner as drug-addicted cop, Raghavan played by Vicky Kaushal.

The duo kills and has no regret, they showcased the real demons living in humans, and they draw sadistic pleasure in killing people as they believe that their act is all good, they have their world and they know that they can do anything in their world.


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