Ramdev Baba, black money and corruption

After a revolution in Egypt and Libya its time for a mass revolution in India. Ramdev Baba said he will prepare the masses of India for a revolution against corruption and this revolution will be much bigger than what took place in Libya and Egypt recently. As per him the general masses of India have been kept under a veil of illusion. Politics, bureaucratic system and the corporate-govt alliance for the benefit of a handful of people are a gift of a corrupt system. If in India we know that anything can be done with money and power and this thought gave birth to a country where people take everything as easy. If someone gets killed its common and if someone killed by someone with power and influence then it may get highlighted everywhere and then it is again something common for us and great selling stuff for media. Our thoughts need to be changed and ideas should be revolutionary , it is said that men and women of honesty and integrity do not fear anyone except God. Indeed those who are fearless never becomes scared by people or a corrupt system. we have laws to protect us and most of the time these laws do not protect us as most of us do not know the power of the law.

Our contribution to the society ? Either zero or marginal as we are self-centric and fearful. We only contribute to the GDP while we contribute nothing toward the betterment of the country.

How our country can become a better country ? At macro level ? promoting agriculture as we know still 70% of people are dependent on agriculture and with the rise in the food prices and inflation we should have a better agriculture governance, cut off corruption should be the objective of everyone's life, let the law formulate stringent laws against the criminals, corrupts. At micro level there should be peace revolution at every nook and corner. Peace can only prevail when love, non-violence, respect, harmony prevails.

Over and above all our govt in power should make serious effeorts to bring the balck money back. As per Ramdev Baba its of 400 lakh crore INR and if we could bring the money back we will make no progress , do you know there will a dog-eat-dog fight to eat out the money. and the powerful ones will surely gulp down the entire sum.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 07,2011

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