Ranbir kapoor Katrina kaif break-up

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina kaif seem to be the happening couple of Bollywood, they are seen together holidaying often, kept their relationship open while as per reports they are supposed to marry soon but what happens when the media have come up recently with the news of their breaking up. No one knows if the news is really true or not, but if it was true than it is unfortunate for a relationship which broke after 6 years.

Yes Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina dated, loved and lived together while recently it was speculated that Ranbir left their apartment to live with his parents.

Apparent reasons of their break-up was not clear but it was speculated that Ranbir’s commitment issues and recent closeness with his ex Deepika Padukone during Tamasha. It was also rumored that Ranbir and Katrina have fights often.

It was also rumored that Ranbir and Katrina consulted Salman before they broke up.


Is Ranbir coming closer to her old love Deepika ? What will happen to Ranveer ? If the news is true then is Katrina look for going back to Salman Khan ?

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