Rape cases in India

Rape is a serious social issue in any society. It reflects the overall mindset of a society towards women. For instance if we hear cases of rape and violence toward women in any place we may say that the particular place is unsafe and the women of such places are vulnerable. It is the weaker who always gets victimised while the powerful inflicts the injury and gets away. Why women are easy targets of such heinous crime? Say it violence or harassment at work place or in home or outside the premises where they live or work.
How can we feel proud to be Indians if we can not address such heart-wrenching social issues? Most of the time we may give excuses that the incident that took place last night was unfortunate and it could be avoidable if the woman were not at that place or if she should have come from the work place early. All these excuses prove that we are cowards as we have either no guts to make our society free from insecurity and vulnerability. Our police may say that they can not protect each and everyone in this populated country and people may say then what is the use and utility and significance of police, law and order, judiciary, social justice etc then the blame game goes on and we end up getting no solution to these grave problems of our society and the news of rape and violence keep coming on the media.

Rape is violence against women; violence against women is a legal term or rather a technical term in the book of law. Any act of violence to a woman with or without a clear motive or a prime motive that may result into physical, sexual, mental suffering to the woman and deprive their liberty is a crime irrespective of who commits the crime. It may be committed with the help of the same gender, family or strangers. Most of the crimes that are committed against women are due to hate, power equation and desire for forceful carnal pleasure, evolutionary and  and most of time it is observed that some of the intimate associates cause the crime against them. Crime against women or violence of any form is not something new as the history of violence against women unfolds the general male psychology of power equation between men and women. Women had a gender role in the past where men had been the dominant gender and as the world grew up with the realised and liberalised social acceptance of women as equal to men, men accepted women as a part of the free world or a free society in a male-dominated world. After the societal approval of women as a part of work places, places of trade and business every society barring a few parts of the world witnessed women empowerment. After so much social refinement and bestowed liberty why still such heinous crimes are committed against women? I think it is still the reflection of overpowering male psychology which turns women into victims. This so-called male psychology is that women are weaker physically than men which raises the vulnerability and sets ground for crime and secondly the EGO factor which we call male ego vs female ego which most of the time results into violence toward women at home. For instance there are so many cases of wife battering which we may call abuse and violence within a marital relationship. So many cases of rape and violence are not reported as there is a fear of loosing social support, fear of being ill-treated by the society. Most of the time people may look at the victim with aneye of sympathy while sometimes it is even seen that the victim even does not get family support as if she has dome some crime.

There are several cases of violence and rape committed during war, anarchy, riot and domestic disturbances where the men in uniform were also reportedly indulged in such crimes. Most of the cases are not reported and the cases which are reported go through a slow hearing and slow rate of conviction.
In USA alone it is reported that out of 99% of rape cases only 2% are reported as a result of which the criminals roam freely with criminal confidence. If a country like USA which we call as  a pillar of liberty and freedom has such low rate of conviction then what we say about countries like Uganda, kenya, Nigeria or India. Any form of violence including rape is not only a grave social issue but a crime against the entire humanity.
NCRB ( National crime Records Bureau ) records report that there is  an 8-fold increase in rape cases since 1971 in India. There were 20,000 cases of rape cases reported in the year 2008, out of which only a small percentage is reported , as per reports there are more than 50 cases of rape/day are reported while rape is the most under-reported violence against women globally.
In India it is said that out of all the rape cases that are reported and recorded Delhi which is the capital of India accounts for 1/3 of rape cases. It is definitely a big shame for the entire country. Sultan Puri rape case has entirely tormented the city after the recent Dhaula Kuan rape case merely 3 months back. See the audacity of the criminal minded people who have no fear of law and order.
Every problem has a solution say it environmental, economical or social. As these cases of violence are more to do with human right violation they should not only condemned but stringent action should be taken against the criminals in order to generate fear among the criminals for the law and order and our justice system.
There should be amendment in the IPC laws on rape cases; I think capital punishment is the best solution to this serious social issue.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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