Reality of dating

Tinder records 725 million swipes in India while Truly madly has a 5, 00,000 downloads till date in India

OKCupid is equally impressive as per its user base proclaims

Some of the Indian dating Apps like Truly Mad, Matchify and Woo have been working their way to make India a business hub for dating apps.

Ashley Madison, an online dating company got hacked by a team of hackers who call themselves as Impact team; the incident took place in July 2015. The company’s CEO confirmed the hack but did not disclose about the extent of breach.

The impact team demanded the dating site to shut down their operation. Ashley Madison, which has very catchy slogan, Life is short and has an affair, had a user base of 37 million people mainly from USA and Canada.

Ashley Madison is dating website of Avid Life media which charges $19 to erase a profile created had a hard time when the impact team claimed that they never indeed erase any customer profile from their site. They just deactivate it, in the way they have full access of the user profile, conversation data as well as credit card information of customers in their database even though they show that the user’s profile is deleted after are charged for erasing the profile.

Impact team hacked the site and left a message for Ashley media that if they won’t shut down their business it will cost them huge as they will release all customer records, profiles with all their sexual fantasies, their nude photos, chats, credit card information etc.

This incident sent shock waves all through the world as it claimed to expose 37 million cheaters, the number itself tells about a bourgeoning number of people who willfully want to have an extra-marital affair.

The above story of Ashley Madison is an eye opener for all those who have still connected to dating app or site to look for fun. The best thing about dating apps and websites may connect you to people with whom you may hang around, have one-night stands, short-term relationships or a long-term commitment.

In India the dating market is catching up with a couple of dating Apps having their presence but as per India women go for them dating apps are no more than a social networking site like Facebook where their connect with different people of their preference. Though we cannot deny the fact people hang around for quick fun too.

It is still a prevalent notion in India that dating sites or apps are not for good girls as India is still a very conservative society unlike the western world.

Even though dating is quite usual in western countries, people are still out there who hate cheating in relationship, the recent Ashley Madison case somewhat proves that. No one perhaps would like to know their girlfriend or wife having an account in a dating app to find cheap fun.

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