Reasons of Male infidelity

Male infidelity has been there from time immemorial. Men are by nature polygamous. If I am not talking about all men but most of them don’t mind to be adulterous. Every adulterous man believes that he won’t be caught by his wife. But my dear friend the chance of getting caught in an adulterous relationship is high. Some men are shameless and they do it in open and they are not scared with their wives.

There are reasons behind adultery. Nothing happens without a reason. Marriages where both husband and wife are not emotionally compatible create rifts for apparent reason. When the issues in marriage take surface for apparent reason such a marriage becomes disturbed. Both the partners feel deep dislike for each other and the dislike give birth for resentfulness towards each other. In this case mostly men look for some avenue to find someone who can give solace and later on this solace kind of scenario may bring an affair into life.

Emotional issues are easy to deal, with proper communication, counseling and time is a great healer when husband and wife both proactivity start giving constructive time to their relationship.

Another reason of infidelity is boredom. Boredom is something that has created a bigger issue in last few decades due to challenges to cope up with a demanding job or business, work pressure, staying away from life partner most of the time due to work related demands and so on. These reasons are strong enough for a partner to look for an alternative. Most likely men are the initiators of a relationship; they knowingly do it to bring freshness into life. A move towards bringing freshness, new experience make men go for extra-marital affairs.

Another reason of adultery is men’s insatiable thirst for sexual invasions. Men’s sexuality is very predictable and for them more is better. Most cases of infidelity come due to men’s desire to have physical intimacy with multiple partners. They don’t mind experimenting with different partners without having any emotional connection. This may also be a case of a woman is who is sexually bored with her husband.

In case of women who cheat their men due to sexual dissatisfaction are those who want to go for a more physically endowed men who can satisfy their physical needs but this may not be true always because as per a recent study women likely to cheat men having bigger tool comparing to men with a normal-size tool. It sounds funny and unbelievable but it’s a research study.

There are cases men likely to cheat when they know that their wives at some point of time cheated them and sometimes men just cheat in order to get rid of her wife, they may want a divorce and to make their case strong before the court of law they do it intentionally.

We as humans are influenced by good or bad company. Most likely we get influenced by our parents. In cases where parents get separated from their child due to divorce or when their children are aware of their parent’s extra-marital affair they may tend to believe that it is okay to have multiple partners. Most of the time people may get influenced by their close friends, colleagues and peers. When they hear about their friend’s extra-marital affair/affairs they also think to go for an experiment.

The above are some of the real reasons of adultery which cause dearer to both the partners most of the time.

Remedies are simple. Never make your life partner feel unwanted, rejected because someone at the other end is always ready to make him/her feel special.


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