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My conversation with Mr. Bowman Thomson always makes me happy as I know that evergreen community is progressing day by day. It is a great crypto currency and we as community members see great potential. We have a great vision and a very transparent management, developer and founder who are accessible to everyone.

Some of the latest developments about evergreen coins


My Interview with Mr. Bowman Thomson

I wrote a gardening charity yesterday to see if they would like to be one of our charities. I will try to get as many as I can.The android wallet should also be out this month. I'm not sure when it will reach a dollar, but it is my belief that it will be more than a dollar by the end of the year. Again it is my belief, not true yet. I think once some institutions and even exchanges find out about the staking feature, EGC popularity will grow. Once institutions learn that they can stake for charity and gain their own publicity for charity, they will start staking their own wallets. I am very optimistic too Mr. Dipti, but we have a lot of work to do still to make the project better. I believe that EGC has more value as a project and a coin than most other cryptocurrencies do. We also updated our crowdfunding page. People can stake their coins with the 'stake for charity' feature from the wallet. Or they can use PayPal or a credit card to donate.

We are also raffling off some t-shirts.

We have launched version 1.6 for MAC with Windows and Linux on the way.  We also launched a new branch this morning.  Evergreen Coin Gardens.

In my opinion this is the right time to buy and stake your coin, you will be surprised to see how your money will grow with Evergreen coins.


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