Recognize marital rape as a crime in India

Rape as a word is as scary as any scariest thing in the world. Cases of Rape are not uncommon in even developed world.  In almost 98% of cases of rape, the victims knew the rapists. It is very unfortunate that every 2 to 3 rapes take place in every one hour in India. Most cases are not reported due to fear of insult in the society while in the reported cases victims easily run away from the law.


Rape is nothing but a severe form of violence that shatters a woman’s soul, breaks her from inside and leaves her traumatized for lifelong. Often the stories of trauma and victimization in the hands of family members including a woman’s husband often do not come to the limelight. There are cases where women have been constantly raped by their husbands and the cases of incest rapes are still not considered by the law of India as a punishable crime.

There are several cases where women are subject to domestic violence, forced sex but mostly they endure the pangs just to keep their family happy. Is not it a basic violation of human right? There are women who break free of such a married relationship and get their husbands or family members punished but there are several such females who endure the crime that take place against them because they are financially dependent on their husbands or they are not aware of the law. Most women who are subject to such violence should be brave enough to report such cases against the culprits.

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