Responsive spouse induces restorative sleep

As per a new scientific study it came out that responsive spouse induces good sleep. Well we all know the value of sleep in our lives. Having a good sleep recovers us from all the stress and tiredness. Better sleep is often an indication of better health and a better life.

Sleep should be restorative and a restorative sleep gives health and happiness. A sound sleep depends on a safe and secure life. Mostly a loving partner who responds to our emotional, safety and security needs is a blessing for lifetime. Hence people who lead a happy life must have been blessed with happy life partners. 

Human brain is wired is such a way that it functions as per the situations of life as well as the environment where we live, hence a happy married life where both partners remain happy with each other and take care of their safety and security needs help each other in having a restorative sleep every night.

People with relationship problems mostly experience sleeplessness or sleep disorders.

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