Revshareinstant scam

 A guy named Caspar Curt started a revenue share program named as a few days back. It promised as a fast Revshare with 40% return every day. Revshareinstant got launched and paid for 3 days and on the 4th day Caspar curt's message came on his revshare facebook group that the 4th day payment cannot be made due some system bug and developers are working on it.


Today its 18th of Nov, the 5th day of launch there was no response from him and finally he deactivated his FB account and ran away with almost $1.5 lakh dollar from 2358 members.

From his FB profile it was found that he is in MPA and My24, both are very reputed revshares. He was also an admin of Traffic Monsoon.

Now most people are suspecting that either Caspar Curt's FB profile was a fake one or he is actually an Indian, most likely Sarath Vavchan, from TSG who made a profile named Caspar Curt to dupe people.

Or it is likely that Sarath Vavchan, who is a master scammer in field of Revshare, had joined hand with this owner/admin of to scam members.

Now his real identity can be revealed if admins from MPA and My24 asks him to produce his KYC. That would really be very helpful to know a scammer who can again scam people in the future. People like Sarath Vavchan, Tom Taylor, Caspar Curt, Sarah Anderson (Profit Cabinet) are doing nothing but giving a bad reputation to the revshare industry. Now it is high time that such people should be exposed.


By : Admin| Company Name : Revshareinstant| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : November 18,2016

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By : Rao Umar Rao | Added on : 2016-11-25
By : Rao Umar Rao | Added on : 2016-11-25
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