Rich India Vs Poor India

Idealism is a virtue as long as we have strong faith in ourselves. Who is an idealistic man of virtue ? The one who appears to be very pleasing, polite and faithful to those who are powerful in rank or position or power and ruthless to those who are weak and vulnerable or the one who is independent, brave and truthful to him and other. We in the world have many such kind of idealists who go by their double-standard approach in order to gain personal benefits. Those countries that were once the colonies of the British, french or other foreign countries can never be idealist as they have a history of separateness, disharmony and betrayal. India, china and many other countries are some of the examples of  countries full of double-standard idealists. It applies to those who love the MNC culture but never have a sense of their belonging. Though they belong to this country but they never know the country beyond their home. It seems like hard slap on the face of  all of us when we say the country is in progress where as we have half of the country under the belt of poverty. It is almost cowardice when politicians, money makers hoard money from every legally illegal routes in order to have plutonic power while half of the country is starving to death. What we lack is unity, compassion and love and what we have is selfishness that’s why we have never thought of community, people and always thought of our individual needs. This is indeed a common inherent, psychological thought pattern of even the most intellectual section of the society and this thought pattern is not something new, it is age-old. Perhaps due to this thought pattern the country for about 500 or more years was subject to foreign rule, slavery, lack of freedom and independence, oppression and poverty. Our poverty is directly linked with our burgeoning population which could have controlled 50 years back when the father of the nation wanted every Indian to realise the underlying aspect or importance of family planning. 
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi 
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