Rishi Kapoor horoscope

A maverick actor with profound acting skills, He has been there in Bollywood since 1955, from a child actor to a senior actor he has impressed his fans as a showman of Bollywood. He is none other than Rishi Kapoor.

He acted in hundreds of successful films. Young actors and actresses who get a privilege to work with him are really lucky. 

Now if we talk about this horoscope, He has Taurus ascendant with the lord of ascendant Venus in the 5th house of entertainment along with Saturn, 9th and 10th lord. Venus is 1st and 7th lord. A beautiful yoga for an actor or entertainer.

He officially rose to fame in 1973 with the movie Bobby.  From 1973 till 2016 he has no dearth of work due to positive Vimshotari Dasas. During Saturn Rahu he got his first movie as a male lead. 

During the end of Saturn period he started working, Saturn major period was there till 1978. Mercury major period started from 1978 and remained till 1995. Mercury is the 2nd and 5th lord from Lagna and placed in a Quadrant, 4th house. Mercury is with the 4th lord Sun in Leo. Hence during it Dasha he got various movie offers.

Major period of Ketu started during the end of 1995 and lasted till 2002.  Ketu was in 3rd house and being a shadow planet it might not be given great success during that period.

Major period of Venus started in 2002 and will last till 2020. Venus is debilitated in D-1 while exalted in D9; hence this is a period of great success as an actor. From 2002 itself he has been doing on an average 2 movies or more in every year.

Rishi Kapoor is a true method actor, when he joined the film industry he was projected as a romantic hero but the true potential of Rishi Kapoor is seen from his recent movie Agneepath where he played a negative role and did so much justice to the dark character.

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