Rishi Kapoor horoscope

Rishi Kapoor was one of the finest actors in Hindi Cinema. I would say genetically blessed with acting skills. He started his career as a romantic actor and over time he took various roles that needs profound acting talent. 

Lagan lord Venus with 9th lord and 10th lord Saturn not only created a Raj yoga but also it gave him much name and fame as Film star.

As per his horoscope he died at age of 67 which is Dirgha Ayu as per classic text. Age beyond 66 is Dirgha Ayu.

He was battling with Cancer from last 2 years and finally succumbed to death during Venus Dasha and Jupiter Antara which began from 17th Oct 2020 till 4th March 2020.

Malefic aspect to the Lagna brings danger to life during it’s dasha period and sub periods. From 2002 he was going through Venus Dasha and venus was both lagna lord and 6th lord ( Diseases), he was protected all through the dasha due to Venus being the lord of Ascendant but as Mars Bhukti started in Venus dasha he was diagnosed with Cancer as Mars is lord of 7th and 12th and a malefic for Taurus Lagna.

Mars has direct aspect to lagna and there is no aspect of benefic planets to the lagna. Hence during the fag end of his life, he suffered so much pain.

RIP Rishi Kapoor. May God bless his soul and Give strength to his family during this difficult time of bereavement.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi ( diptiprasadpadhi@gmail.com)


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