Road Accidents and Astrology

A workplace colleague of mine told about an accident he met 2 years ago while travelling from New Delhi to Agra by road, He was driving the car on Delhi Agra expressway notorious for accidents. The unfortunate event occurred when a car tyre got burst and his car overturned resulting into serious neck injury. He was admitted in GangaRam hospital for a month or two for the fractured neck which eventually got healed but it left with a disability to turn his head towards left and right with ease and he often complained about the strain in the neck.

Once again about 2 months back he met with another road accident while travelling in an auto from office to home, one of the wheels of the auto got out and as a result auto overturned, he got 4 fractures in his left arm while the wrist of his left arm got one fracture.

I asked him to share his Kundli to find out what’s really wrong. Why these two major mishaps happened with him?

He is running Ketu Mahadasha. Both these mishaps occurred during Ketu Mahadasha. Ketu is placed in the 6th house with Mars in the sign Scorpio. Both are strongly positioned in 6th house of health, enemies and conflicts. Malefic planets stronger in bad houses caused bad instead of good.

Moreover he is running Sagittarius Dasa and Jupiter, Gnatikaraka is placed in Sagittarius making it prone to accidents. Sagittarius Dasa will end in 2017, but damage was already done.



Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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