Robbers Gang-raped woman in Bangalore in front of husband and mother-in-law

Banglore, India

In Banglore on 24th 4 men pretending to be cops entered in a house located in south-east area HSR layout looted the house. Once the door was opened, they said they are cops and came here to search the house and they suspect the residents have intoxicants, when the husband opened the door,once of them threatened the husband with a sharp-edged weapon and the othere 3 barged into the house. They broke the Almirah and looted jewelery and cash. Later, they tied the husband and mother-in-law to a bed and 2 of them gang-raped the wife. The gang also threatened them not to go to the police or else they will meet with dire consequences.

The FIR was lodged on October 28th. All of them were arrested on 31st of october 2014.

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