Robert Vadra Land deal saga

Robert vadra, the son-in law of  Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has been under govt scrutiny for his alleged land deal-cum land scam in Haryana. Vadra has been in news ever since his name came to public limelight for his offensive behaviour towards a reporter. Narendra Modi during his Lok Sabha campaigning indicated name of Vadra and his alleged alliance with by then Haryana chief Minister Bhupinder singh Hooda and the legalization of illegal land, the land deals with corporates.Vadra reacted angrily towards a reporter and misbehaved when asked about his illegal land deals. Prime minister Narendre Modi during his election campaigning in Haryana mentioned Vadra as a racked damad (son-in-law) of Sonia GandhiThe entire country indeed knew about the alleged swiss accounts of the Gandhi Family such as the late Ex-prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as per the wikileak  reports. Vadra too has been given Royal favour during the 10 year congress rule in India. Vadra once said, India is a banana Republic and All Indian are mango people. The congress party has always protected Vadra saying he is a private person and he has no links with politics but after Vadra recently closed 6 of his offices in Rajasthan and Haryana Vadra came out to be having so many private limited companies. A private person having private limited companies and a great expansion of his business especially in real estate sector now loudly tells a story of person with royal power and benefits.

In between the controversies over the hasty sanction of land to Vadra by the Haryana Govt there came an entirely fresh controversy about an RTI plea filed by Satpal Thakran, a resident of Mayfield Garden, seeking approved building plans of two plots located in the township's of N-block naming N-29 and N-30 when a single building was erected in both the plots. An RTI application was also filed by Dharamvir Yadav, a Mayfield resident last year. Department of town and country planning (DTCP) eventually responded to the request and revealed that N-29 was in Vadra's name while N-30 was in the name of Dharmender Art Enterprises. Later a three storey building was erected despite separate building plans were sanctioned for both the plots. Was there a merger sanctioned for both the plots by DTCP ? But there was no such approval given by or taken from DTCP and it is also a contravention of Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act.

BJP cited this land deal between Vadra-DLF as a "parting gift" from Hooda Govt to Gandhi Family before loosing power in Haryana. Congress knew that they will loss in Haryana this time and they wanted a final deal to struck and the land deal was cleared in haste without thinking of its consequences.

BJP accused that Congress Govt Of Haryana acted in favour of the builders having political connections and forcefully acquired land from the farmers by hook or crook. The front companies of the builders would approach the farmers to sell their land to them, If they agreed well and good for them if they did not than the Govt would initiate acquisition of land under Section 4 and Section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act. The way they made money was through clearing or approving Change of land use ( converting agricultural land for commercial use ).

Now as a non-corrupt Govt has taken the succession of power from the corrupt Govt it is time to crack down on the land mafia, all illicit land deals through out haryana during the 10 years tenure of hooda led Haryana Govt. BJP cleared their stance on this saying the guilty will not be spared. This is a great moral booster for the general masses of the country.

How Vadra Made 44 cr profit overnight

 As per the he comptroller and auditor general's findings Vadra made 44 cr profit from the Land deal

1.Haryana Govt under Bhupinder singh Hooda allowed Vadra's Skylight Hospitality Private Limited to develop a commercial colony on a 3.5 cr plot in Shikopur, Gurgaon though the company had just one lac rupee in it's account
2. Vadra's Skylight Hospitality Private Limited sells the land with licenses to build commercial colony to DLF for 58 Cr and made a profit of 43.6 Cr.
3. As per the Govt agreement between Hooda Govt and Vadra. Latter should have retained 2.15 cr and the rest should have been deposited in the Govt Kitty.
4. IAS office Khemka who was then the director general (land holdings and land records) and inspector general (registration) objected to the land deal between Vadra and DLF universal saying it was illegal. As a result of his objection he suffered harassment from the Hooda Govt and removed from his position. According to Khemka Vadra purchased the 3.5 acre land with a cost of Rs. 7.5 Cr and it was not his own money.

BJP during the Haryana polls campaigned over illegal land deals including Vadra's and the questionable favour from the Hooda Govt. Land deals, Land scams, conversion of land to benefit builders were part the list of agendas on which BJP campaigned against the Hooda Govt. Now the Manohar Lal Khattar led BJP Govt has made it clear that the state Govt will work closely with CAG to further unearth such land deals that took place during congress regime.



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