Rohtak Rape and Murder

Brutality seems to have no end in India with the fresh cases of rapes in Rohtak and Jaipur. To start with the Rohtak case, a mentally challenged woman who came to her sister’s place for her treatment suddenly disappeared and upon lodging a police complaint the police have conducted a search operation which resulted in the recovery of her body from Bahu Akbarpur where she was brutally raped and murdered.

As per autopsy report the woman’s vital organs such as lungs and heart were missing from her body while her face was being eaten by wild animals. Two stones were forcefully inserted in her anus while there were several injury marks in her thighs and chest. It took 5 hours to conduct the autopsy. As per the doctor who conducted the Autopsy said he has never seen such brutality in her 29 year’s career. They found a stick like object measuring 16 cm in length and 4 cm wide inserted in her vagina, as per the autopsy the stick would be far longer and might have broken inside her vagina.

Special investigation team has been formed to track down the culprits. CCTV footages were collected from various places in Rohtak. Such a case reminds the Delhi’s Nirbhaya case.

In the recent development the police have arrested 7 persons in connection to this case. The woman was from Nepal and she came to her sister’s house for treatment, indeed she was undergoing treatment in Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS).

In another incident a Japanese tourist who came to Jaipur to explore the city was raped by a youth in pretext of taking her for sight-seeing in the pink city. As per the police the youth who spoke fluent English asked the lady to come on his motor bike for sight-seeing. The Japanese girl decided to go with the youth thinking he understands English and it will be a help for her seeing the city. The Japanese girl met this man while visiting the Jal Mahal. The man conversed in English and asked the girl if she wanted to visit the other places in Jaipur. The girl agreed thinking she can at least communicate with this guy who speaks good English. After visiting few places the youth took him to Mojamabad village closer to Dudu on Jaipur-Ajmer road. He took him to an isolated place and raped her.

The Police have pressed a search operation to find the rapist.

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