Role of money in life

The role of money in life is manifold, as with its exchange, either we buy goods and services or possess vanity, or some feelings of conceit, which draw a dividing line between us and the rest of the world which contains people with moderate or marginal money and material possession.
Money should add value to life. It can only add value to life when there is an attitude of charity. As an instrument of exchange the flow of money should be continuous. The inflow and outflow of money in a nation define its progress and prosperity. When the inflow is more than the outflow, we say the balance of trade is positive.
Without outflow there cannot be any inflow. I perceive money as a divine manifestation when earned through the right means. An attitude of hoarding never solves the money problems of a nation as a whole. If there is a disparity among rich and poor it’s due to the collective attitude of the money-hoarders and black-marketers and the money-sucking vampires.  
Money manifests its corruptible role by maligning human values and degrading its virtues when different classes of people are formed according to their wealth and when these classes either start to hate or envy upon each other either due to their expanded pride and ego with the expansionof their wealth or due to the lack of what their superior classes manifest and materialize.
Money has only one character; it reflects the character of its owner. Most often it widens the ego and brings selfishness and even ruthlessness. It has a powerful ability to change a person from good to bad in a number of cases; hence the one who has the strength of character can only remain human with prosperity. 
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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