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Rustom is based on K.M Nanavati and his wife Sylvia Nanavati’s story of love, marriage, betrayal and a homicide . K.M Nanavati was a commander with the Indian Navy and his English-born wife Sylvia was a house wife, they had two sons and a daughter. 


K.M Nanavati would often go on different navy assignments and stayed out of his home leaving his wife and children alone. Boredom of Sylvia’s life due to Nanavati’s frequent absence from her life opened her world for an extra marital affair with K.M Nanavati’s friend Prem Ahuja. Prem Ahuja took the opportunity when he found his best friend’s  lone wife suffering from boredom in marriage. In no time Sylvia fell in love with the womanizer Prem Ahuja and an affair between them continued.



When Nanavati came from his navy assignment Sylvia confessed about her affair with Prem and she also asked him to give her divorce so that she can marry Prem.

It was really a torment for the upright navy officer Nanavati but as a hero he took the incident as a challenge and went straight to Prem Ahuja and asked his to marry Sylvia to which prem denied which outraged Nanavati,in that confrontation Nanavati shot 3 rounds at Prem and he died on spot, Later he surrendered himself.

The case in no time became a high profile case which was covered by the media and there was huge public sympathy for Nanavati from the general masses, he was projected as a hero, an upright navy officer having strong values, an ethical person whose murder was considered as culpable homicide. Nanavati was well known in Gandhi-Nehru circle, during that time Nehru was prime minister of India, all these factors combined together helped Nanavati’s Lawyer Ram Jethmalani in saving him from imprisonment.

Nanavati case was so popular that two hindi movies were made, Yeh Rastey Hain Pyar Ke, 1963 with Sunil Dutt playing Nanavati was the first movie which broght the story of Nanavato on screen while Achanak, 1973 had Vinod Khanna as Nanavati.

This time “Rustom” broght back Nanavati case once again, Rustom has Akshay Kumar and Ileana D’Cruz playing Nanavati and Sylvia. Vikarm Makhija (Arjan Bajwa) plays the role of Prem Ahuja while Esha Gupta plays his sister.

As per public opinion Tinu Suresh Desai’ Rustom does not live upto audience expectation, It was little messy and did not enchant the audience fully but the only savior Akshay Kumar tried his best to save the movie from failure. 

Rustom released on 2300 screens has witnessed box office occupancy of 40% while it collected 14 cr on Friday, in the first day while on Saturday collected about 15-20 cr. Rustom has an clear edge over mohenjo daro in terms of box office performance.


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