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Saif Ali Khan’s Horoscope

Saif Ali khan was born in Sunday, August 16, 1970

Time of Birth: 4.02 Am in Mumbai

His ascendant is Gemini and venus has an aspect to the lagna. Aspect of venus from virgo made her handsome, attractive and popular.

2nd house has Mars and sun. Mars, 6th lord and 11th lord is debilitated in 2nd house is not a very positive indication for great wealth but mars gets niche bhanga or cancellation from debilitation from Sun and moon which means the debilitated effects of Mars will be cancelled and provide Raj yoga. As the cancellation is from moon and Sun, it signifies Saif’s mental capability (moon) and support of his family lineage (Sun), personality and aura (Sun) will help in success in terms of gain and wealth.

8th and 9th lord Saturn is debilitated in the 11th house of gain, hopes, networking. It meant it is not a good sign for shared resource from partners, wife as well as the debilitation could have caused problems on the way of a smooth fortune, higher learning. But the debilitation of Saturn is cancelled out by venus 4th from Lagna.

As Saturn and Mars have niche Bhanga and involved in Nicha Bhanga Raj yoga. He must be working hard towards capability building, leadership skills as well discipline and hard work. Positive qualities of mars and Saturn might have been developed by him through rigorous self-impetus out of compulsiveness of life.

He has Mars and sun 2nd house from Ascendant while Mars and Sun are placed in 10th from Arudha Lagna. 11th from Arudha Lagna has ketu and mercury indicates he will get benefited from foreign ventures, foreigners while communication, trading etc while 12th house Arudha has venus which means expenses may come from a luxurious life style, women, travelling, vehicle.

Arudha Lagna has Jupiter which indicated that he was born in a royal family. Having Jupiter in AL gave him a very amiable and gentle disposition.

 11th lord of Varnada Lagna and Hora Lagna lord venus are same indicating income from acting, modeling, films, endorsement etc.

Upapada Lagna has moon in it and its lord Saturn is debilitated. 2nd from Upapada has Rahu aspected by Ketu, Mars and Sun. It was an indication of a separation from spouse. As Jupiter also aspects 2nd from Upapada his married life with Amrita Singh lasted for 13 years. Had Jupiter not been in Libra it could have saved the first marriage. Mars and Sun are 7th from UL upapada Lagna very well explained how his first marriage took place against family consent. Most likely the opposition might come from father Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Saif’s reletives and siblings, cousins if any.





Yogas formed in his birth chart 

1.  Vesi : mercury 2nd from moon in D-1

2.  Chandra- Mangala yoga : Moon and Mars together in D-1: signifies material prosperity

3.  Gaja-Kesari Yoga : Moon and Jupiter in mutual Kendra : good for fame and prosperity

4.  Amala : Jupiter forms this in his D-1 : Benefics 10th from Lagna/moon : Gives luxuries and respect from public

5.   Yogoda is caused by Venus

6. Amatya Karaka in Kendra from Atama Karaka in both Rasi Chart and Navamsha.









Prediction of Phantom’s fate 

Phantom, an upcoming movie starring Saif Ali khan and Katrina will be released on Aug 28 2015. From 16th Aug 2015 he will under the influence of Scorpio Main Dasha and Cancer Sub Dasha. The best thing about this sub period is the placement of Atma Karaka and aspected Amatya Karaka.  Even though the Amatya Karaka is debilitated, it is  involved in a nicha bhagna Raj Yoga, hence Phantom’s astrological prediction as per me is positive, Phantom may do well in box office.


Saif Ali Khan commands respect in his profession, he is one of the most popular khans of Bollywood. I wish he would keep on doing great in his life, career and in films.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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