Salman Khan Fans trolled Yogeshwar Dutt on Twitter

Yogeshwar Dutt’s loss to Mandakhnaran in the first round made him a target of internet troll. Yogeshwar lost to Mongolian Mandakhnaran 0-3, there was a huge expectation from him in Rio Olympics. Loss for a sports person in a crucial match is really very disheartening while negative comments from Salman Khan’s fans on social media are far more intimidating for him.

When Salman Khan was selected as the brand ambassador during Rio Olympics Yogeshwar was not happy and he commented that: “Kahi bhi ja Kar apni movie ka promotion kare,Es desh me adhikar hai Lekin Olympic movie promotion ki jagah Nahi”.

Later when Yogeshwar Dutt failed to bring glory from Rio, Salman’s friends took revenge by literally trolling him through the microblogging site twitter.

Yogeshwar Dutt later posted a video apologizing the whole country and his fans that don’t be angry and sad for his defeat. He also said Bhai’s fans who are braking like dogs may keep on doing that and it does not affect him, and he also said that he will try his best to prove him in the future and he will keep on trying. He later said no one can stop him from posting his views on twitter.

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