Salman Khan Marriage 2019 prediction

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan, our own Salman Khan. Salman has a karma centric horoscope. Most of his lifetime will be occupied by Karma.

Most of the planets in his horoscope are in 2nd,3rd,7th,10th and 11th. In Kama and Artha signs. You may wonder why even if he has planets in 7th but still not opening opportunity for marriage.  

Even if 7th lord signifies marriage having connection 2 and 7.  Looking at the 7th SL Saturn it proves that marriage will be delayed or completely denied. In his case Saturn represents 1,11,10 which are negation houses to marriage. Even though there is connection of 2,7 things are not getting materialized. 

There are two scenarios here chances are that you may here some news about his marriage during Rahu-Jupiter during June 2019 and if it does not still turn around than it may be after Aug 2021.


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