Salman khan marriage prediction in 2015


Salman khan known for his generosity, popularity is also known for his Bhai image and anger. Controversies regarding his marriage, girlfriends and heart breaks have always caught media as well as public attention. He has everything from name, fame, money but the most important thing which is missing in his life is a soul mate or a life partner.

My question in this article is to find out if his planets support marriage in 2015. I noticed that he has been going through Saturn Dasha from 2002. Saturn rules his career and is exalted in his natal chart. From 2002 onwards he gave both hits and flops and from 2009 he started giving blockbusters in row. I feel Saturn ( 25th july 2015 to  28th September 2015) Antar dasha or sub dasha would be extremely good in terms of career.

The below periods would also be crucial for his life in terms of marriage.

Jupiter (1st June 2015 to 25th July 2015)

Saturn ( 25th July 2015 to  28th September 2015)


During the Rashi sub Dasha of Capricorn or Sagittarius he has marriage yogas.

Cap: 28-6-15 to 26-8-15

Sag: 27-8-15 to 26-10-15

If we take Sagittarius, from it Jupiter is in 7th house in Lagna chart while venus in in the 7th from it in the Navamsha chart. It signifies marriage.

While during Capricorn Dasha Venus is placed in Capricorn itself, from it the DK- Dara Karakais in 2nd house of family while it aspects the 7th house from it.  


Dasha Period he will go through

Saturn SUN (8TH FEB 2015 TO 9TH MARCH 2015 )

Mars (9th march 2015 2nd april 2015 )

rahu (2 april 2015 1st june 2015)

jupiter ( 1st june 2015 to 25th july 2015 )

saturn ( 25th july 2015 to  28th september 2015)

mercury ( 28th sep 2015 to 24th oct 2015)

ketu ( 24th nov 2015 to 17th dec 2015)


chara dasha


pisces : 26-2-15 to 27-4-15

aqu : 28-4-15 to 27th-06-15

cap : 28-6-15 to 26-8-15

sag : 27-8-15 to 26-10-15


sco : 27-10-15 to 27-12-15

Analysis Done by Dipti Prasad padhi



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