Salman Khan proved that Prince Narula was not fair to Kishwer, Episode 90 Big Boss 9

Salman comes on Big Boss every Saturday, and his commitment never gets failed. Members in the house wait for him and look for his suggestions, comments and complemnets; in on line they see a mentor in Salman Khan. In episode 89 Kishwer had to leave Big Boss 9 as Prince convinced that she should go with 15 lakh. Later Salman showed the footage where Kishwer and Prince discussed among one another about who should leave the finale task. Prince told Kishwer that he is a strong contender, he has fairly good relationship with everyone, Keith is not his competition, He has lots of fans in Punjab, His parents will feel proud if he will win the finale.

Kishwer also said Suyyash as well as her parents will feel the same if she wins. Later Prince did not leave the game for kishwer, His so-called sister. Kishwer left Big Boss 9 crying.

Salman asked Prince why he did not show his generous nature by leaving the show for Kishwer. Entire India would have remembered him for the same. Salman also alleged that Prince had made relations in the house and he often get benefited from them. He said he played in groups and saved him by staying in groups. Prince tried to defend himself but he failed infront of Salman. Priya, Mandana and others also agreed with Salman on how prince has been very strategic throughout the game.

Salman also told Keith not to be bias when Rochelle comes in between some issues. He pointed out during the Sand task where Rochelle almost injured Rishabh with an Iron instrument. Though Keith defended saying he was busy looking at the fight between Mandana and Priya.


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