Salman Khan's hit and Run Case- An astrological insight

 Salman Khan’s hit and run case is no less than a very complexly woven film script. It has been more than a decade even the Indian judiciary system has failed to give a final verdict. May 6th seems to be the judgment day for Salman Khan. I would like to analyze if things will go in favor of Salman khan or not by analyzing his horoscope.

Salman is running Saturn Dasha from 2002. This is a period gave failures initially and then gave stupendous results afterwards. But what is happening from few months especially from March 2015. From March 2015 he is under Mars Sub Dasha. Mars is his lagna as well as 8th lord. Mars even if his own lord it also signifies the karaka of conflicts being the owner of 8th house. He is running the sub sub period of Rahu. Rahu represents imprisonment where as it is aspected by Ketu and 6th lord (Enemy). Definitely it is not a good period till 29th May 2016. Ketu and mercury are in 8th house.

He is having scorpio Dasha and Acquarius MahaDasha. Aquarius has his 10th lord and 11th lord as well as 4th lord. It may mean it is a period where he has been very active in his professional field as well as his home, family are involved with him in this period.

Gk Ghanti karaka Jupiter is aspecting his 8th house from Aquarius but it is retrograde hence little weak to do disaster but its effect cannot be ruled out because unfortunately Jupiter is also the 12th lord of imprisonment and seclusion and it is weak. I feel this is a period he will be going through a lot of ups and downs, issues, strife and may be health issues and even small surgeries.


While Rahu is also aspecting the 12th from Aquarius it means Rahu is creating room for imprisonment. Hope everything goes well and the court should release him from the case. But indications are certainly not good.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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