Salman khan's Vedic horoscope

DOB: Monday, December 27, 1965
TOB: 2:30:00 PM
Place of Birth: Indore, MP
Longitude: 75 E 54
Latitude: 22 N 42
Time Zone: 5.5

His ascendant is Aries and the lord of his ascendant is in 10th house Aquarius with Venus. Mars, his Lagna Lord and Venus, the lord of his 2nd house of money from self-effort and 7th house business and partnership are placed in 10th house of career and profession. In 10th house Mars and Venus got directional strength.
Salman has strong Mars being placed in Capricorn and 10th house. Due to this reason he will have uninterrupted fame, success in his career especially in the glamor industry, manufacturing, metal. As mars is a fiery planet and represents boldness, power, and authority, leadership traits, aggression these traits may be greatly enhanced with its placement in 10th house. Joining hand with Venus means anything related to the business of glamor, film, fine art etc will be good option.
His 9th house Sun represents a strong father who had been well-known in his field and profession. Sun in 9th house makes a person religious.


His 10th lord and 11th lord is luckily Saturn and placed in its own house in 11th. 11th house of gain, daily income has been greatly enhanced by that placement and here the gains are from his career and profession. Moon is also placed in 11th house strengthening the house.

Arudha Lagna Of Salman Khan

His ascendant and arudha lagna fall in the same sign Aries. Rahu is 2nd from Arudha. Any malefic planet 2nd from Arudha is not good for finances but Rahu being in Taurus is not bad. Jupiter 3rd from the Arudha Lagna makes him a compassionate person. Often it is found that benefic planets in the 3rd from Arudha gives a saintly disposition. Jupiter is a first-grade benefic. Sun is in 9th from Arudha makes him kingly person with great name and fame. Venus and Mars 10th from Arudha promote all round fame, authority, reputation and prosperity. 11th from Arudha has Saturn and moon which signifies that his gains in terms of money, fame will be uninurrpted. Jupiter aspects the 11th house from arudha which means there is a divine influence of Jupiter on 11th house protecting the house of gain.

Arudha Of the 7th house or Darapada of Salman Khan

Darapada is in Capricorn which is 10th from Arudha as well as Lagna which itself is a rajyoga. As darapada tells about a person's partners most of them are connected to their profession and career.

Upapada of Salman Khan

Upapada is 12th from the lagna and Arudha Lagna is not considered good for marriage as per the Sutra. Upapada in 8th, 6th ,12th from Arudha Lagna is considered not good. To mitigate the effect of the bad effect fast should be observed on every Thursday

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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