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Current speculations are on a rise when it comes to Salman Khan’s Marriage. Media have always been speculating over his marriage. It’s a hot topic for media. Any news of Salman Khan getting married catch’s everyone’s eye. Salman clarified that his engagement with Lulia vantur is fake and there is nothing true to this speculation.

Salman has turned 50 recently but he looks at his mid-20. Media should also try to know about the secret of his eternal youth. Have media ever tried to do a research on this? With increase in age he is turning more youthful. It is no less than some heavenly grace.

What his stars say about Marriage?





As per the birth details taken from he was born in December 27th, 1965

Time: 2.30 PM

Place of Birth: Indore



My observations

His 7th lord Venus is slightly afflicted by Mars,1st and 8th lord. It may tell about sudden and dramatic change in relationship status as well partnership. 7th lord Venus is hemmed between malefic Saturn and Sun but Sun and Saturn should not pose any issue here being owners of good houses such as Saturn, 10th and 11th and Sun, 5th Lord.

In Navamsha (D-9) chart 7th lord is Mars placed in 6th house of strife with first grade malefics Saturn and Mars is a reason we to be considered.

From 28/12/2015 to 27/12/2021 he will be under chara Dasha of Sagittarius. Sagittarius Dasha is infamous for its sudden ups and downs.

DK is moon and DKN is Libra. I see DK is with Saturn, Saturn slowed the prospect of marriage being with DK but it does not deny. There is strong chance that he may get married during Libra sub period which starts between 27/06/2016 to 27/12/2016 or during Leo 27/6/2017 to 27/12/2017.



 Written By Dipti Prasad 


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