Salman Khanís poaching case eye witness Harish Dulani came against him after his Acquittal

Salman acquitted of Chinkara poaching case in 1998 by Rajasthan’s Jodhpur court but just after 2 days of the case being decided by court where he was declared innocent and acquitted, the only eye witness Harish Dulani came to the limelight and told the Media that Salman shot the Chikaras (Black buck) but it was too late for the court to change the decision.





Dulani said Salman got off his car and shot the chikaras, He also revealed that he and his father has been getting threatening calls from unknown numbers and due to fear he could not come to the court. He said if he had got police protection he would have given statement against Salman in the court.

Harish Dulani told the media that from 2002 he has been living a life of fear due to which he had to leave the city.



Salman sentenced for 7 days in Chikara poaching case in 2007.

Harish Dulani should have been given bravery award for his fearlessness.

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